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About us

Numbers - Data - Facts

This company was formed in 1970.

Offices: Dortmund / Airport (Head Office)
Kamenz / Airport

No. of aircraft insured: ca. 6.200

No. of employees: 17

Owner: Patrick Grümmer

Managing Directors: Patrick Grümmer, Udo Kötitz

Member of BVK and BBAL Bundesverband der Betriebe der Allgemeinen Luftfahrt e. V.

[Stand 2012]

Specialist due to conviction

Our clients our owners and operators of all types of aircraft. The categories range from gliders, motorgliders, helicopters, hot air balloons, airships, business jets, commuter aircraft up to Airbuses. Airfield, airports, repair facilities, clubs and aviation bodies are clients as are aircraft dealers and airlines.


Representative for more than 3.500 clients are:




As VFS Heinz Grümmer GmbH has access to international markets and cooperates with global insurance companies our clients benefit from this.

Our history in this specialised field and the information we obtain from the global market enhance our products and service.







Quality without compromise

Good insurance does not only consist of a good insurance policy and working. We are committed to full and efficient service. Put in a view words: 

"we get the job done on time and in the form expected by the client".

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